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Sanjeev Verma

Lead Transformation and Change Strategist

I am a specialist in designing strategies for implementing Change / Transformation (any significant change in the way you conduct your business or career) successfully. I have been in the corporate world for 21 years and have had global leadership positions with organizations like Rolls Royce and Cisco Systems. I have the first hand experience of delivering Change / Transformation in challenging corporate environment all over the world .


  • Tim Sullivan
    "I worked closely with Sanjeev as part of the executive management team at Rolls-Royce. During this time he could always be relied upon to provide challenge to conventional thinking, to provide fresh ideas and to champion collaborative working. He is one of the most intelligent people I have met and was always a delight to work with."
    Tim Sullivan
    Director, Energy & Property Compliance, Rolls-Royce
  • Jim Lawson
    "Sanjeev is a highly intellectual and innovative individual. I worked with him for around seven years and in that time he was always the person in the team that brought the most, and the freshest of ideas. He has boundless energy and drive, always gets the job done, and a very pleasant person to work with."
    Jim Lawson
    Construction Director at Rolls-Royce
  • Lawson Weston
    “I had the pleasure of working with Sanjeev for 3 years in a global property organisation; his forward thinking creative approach challenged conventional practices which had a huge positive impact on the working environment delivered in a sustainable a way. A true workplace innovator and people person that delivers on his commitments.”
    Lawson Weston
    Global Head – Workplace Transformation, Rolls Royce
  • Praveen Vasudeva, MRICS,MCR
    “Very futuristic in his thinking, brings in innovative approaches to delivery work place solutions and always ready to challenge the status quo . It was really a pleasure working with Sanjeev”
    Praveen Vasudeva, MRICS,MCR
    Praveen Vasudeva, MRICS,MCR Director WPR Cisco Systems India
  • Koh Chiew Yen, Head – Indirect Procurement
    “Sanjeev is one of the outstanding individuals that I've worked closely with in my career. I had worked with Sanjeev for very challenging situations and he is always very innovative during problem solving. He is also a great peer, friend and mentor. His passion towards the goals that he is aiming is admirable. Sanjeev is certainly someone you can rely on to achieve exceptional results.”  
    Koh Chiew Yen, Head – Indirect Procurement
    APACJ, Roche
  • Dan Kum, Sr Director EFM
    “Despite internal challenges and an unreasonably demanding client base, Sanjeev was able to thrive with his wit, negotiate and execute tough strategies to meet a seemingly unstoppable appetite for growth, while still keep his smile and humour. Sanjeev has a strong ability in planning, process management and improvement, and a willingness to share knowledge. His friendly and unassuming disposition makes connection with others an easy task, and vice versa. With Sanjeev, there will always be a way out, no matter how pretty or urgly the situation maybe, and still hear a few laughs along the journey”
    Dan Kum, Sr Director EFM
    APACJ, Johnson & Johnson

What is missing from the current Change Strategies ...

  • Focus is on treating symptoms, not the root cause. The ‘old ways’ return soon after the change
  • They ignore the factors (inside or outside of the business) undermining the change
  • They focus on the “Goals” and “Metrics” and offer no guidance on “How” to achieve them
  • Often lead to big investments but do not provide clear mechanism to harvest the ROI
  • Impact of behaviours, culture and work habits not considered
  • Do not include mechanism to operationalise the strategy
  • Impact of competing priorities from other silos is not considered

The SB360 approach

Who do we help

  • Businesses implementing (or planning to) a change in their operations or Infrastructure
  • Teams looking to foster cross-functional collaboration
  • Companies looking to embed Innovation in their team’s DNA
  • Managers developing strategy for their business and / or teams
  • Teams exploring different ways to fix efficiency and effectiveness problems
  • Organizations transforming their Workplace to a Futuristic Environment

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