Computers Can Talk To The Paper

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November 24, 2016
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August 22, 2017
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Computers Can Talk To The Paper

Computers can talk to a paper, but may not be able to talk to another computer on a different OS.

Lot of individuals and organizations have made significant progress towards making technology impregnate into our daily lives and our interactions with the things around us. This is the foundation of Big Data and Internet of Things, which are hailed as the next big thing after the internet. But is the Internet of Things a liberation or a lure to another form of slavery …… a glorious conflict isn’t it ……. On one hand, companies are breaking the boundaries by making a microwave talk to a television via the internet. And on the other hand, they are making their digital platforms so secure that even a smart programmer will struggle to make a blackberry talk to an iPhone. As the users of Internet of Things, will we benefit by including our daily life objects into our digital web? Or will we get shoe-horned into picking one big corporation over the other and get limited by their capabilities. As per leading technology writers on the web (, Internet of things Institute and many others), there are 400 different standards to which the IoT communication protocols are being produced. In simple English, the iPhone will talk to your air conditioner and television in a different language than your Samsung phone will. Now multiply that to millions of devices we use and millions of instruments that can control the flow of data from one equipment to the other. It is not a technology hurdle. It is what the big corporations want to ensure that they can lock their customers. Technology is there. Everyone believes in it, technical experts, businessmen, visionaries alike. But no one is taking the first step to write one common standard language with which “things” will communicate with each other over the internet. Its time for the protagonists of open source codes to come forward and lay out a roadmap that frees the IoT from the clasps of locked dungeons. Otherwise, the battle of compatibility we see with Mac and PC is going to get million folds more menacing as we may be forced to buy 20 devices to control 15 equipment at home. Someone may discover the joys of controlling things with finger at that point of time Writing this article brought Pranav Mistry to my mind. Back in 2009, he demonstrated how real life information can be digitised and transferred across platforms (from seeing landscapes to clicking pictures on phones to printing on a paper and then back to computers) by just using gestures and an open source code.

Enjoy this video and salute the thinking geniuses like Pranav as they endeavour to break the boundaries in their own little ways.

Enjoy it before the big corporations lure such geniuses into selling the freedom they are so passionately propagating.


  1. Ellen says:

    Great stffu, you helped me out so much!

    • Sanjeev Verma says:

      Thanks Ellen. Big Data, IoT, Machine learning are the next big things. The reason they are the game changers is because thats where technology is going to meet humans in a big way