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About Me

Sanjeev Verma

Lead Transformation & Change Strategist

I am a transformation specialist and I have been delivering change projects of different types and complexities for last 21 years with Fortune 100 companies.

My last role in the corporate world was Director – Workplace (Globally) with Rolls Royce (RR). I was with Rolls Royce for 7.5 years and in leadership roles with Cisco Systems for 8.5 years in India and Asia Pacific region.

I led many complex and sensitive change projects in my career. Some of these projects were

  • Influencing CEO and the global leadership teams to adopt Agile working in their HQ
  • Leading the development of mega campuses ($100mn+) in India, Singapore (Asia-pacific region)
  • Innovative strategies to achieve 25% savings in global office footprint
  • Influencing employees and trade unions in challenging cultures to adopt agility
  • Leading the talent and skill development programmes for global teams
  • Experience of leading operations in Asia, Europe, UK and USA
  • Coaching executives to take leadership roles and in the disciplines outside of their area of expertise

I am an expert in TOC (Goldratt Institute), Six Sigma (DMAIC) and Lean. By back ground I am an engineer with PG degree in Engineering Management.

I have been helping the companies I worked for, in delivering the big change projects successfully.

I now help organizations to deliver transformation and change management affordably in the areas of Innovation, Agility, Workplaces for the future, Collaboration, Business Efficiency and Productivity. I also coach executives to develop impeccable business strategies and grow their careers

Please visit my profile at LinkedIn to know more about my career

I have developed my own models and frameworks for diagnosing an organizational machinery and then design strategies to transform their performance in the areas of innovation, collaboration, efficiency, employee motivation and building workplaces of the future.

Our Associates

Niels Kemp Rasmussen

Director & Lead Consultant Kemp & Associates Pte Ltd.

Niels is Senior Consultant with more than 15 years of extensive workplace transformation an change management experience.

He has been delivering strategic and workplace change from London to Tokyo and from Oslo to Cape Town.

He is the lead consultant of Kemp & Associates, and an expert in Organisational Behaviour and Change.

Niels has been driving force behind Kemp & Associates since 2009, and has worked with large MNCs in both Asia and Europe.

Recent client examples relevant to DBS include Cargill and SingPost in Singapore.

Niels is originally trained as a lawyer, but also has a master in Organisational Behaviour, and a post-grad diploma in Change Management from Birkbeck College, London.